Victoria Wurdinger

Victoria Wurdinger

The Makeup Show

If you’re a professional makeup artist, hairstylist or nail teach—or even a consumer—you’ll love the ideas behind these 4 finds from The Makeup Show, held in NYC recently. (

1. Black|Up . This luxury cosmetic line for women of color (in the U.S. for 5 years now) is right in step with the show’s new initiative, “The Skin That I’m In: Diversity in Artistry and Application. According to Director of Education and Artistry for The Makeup Show James Vincent, “There should never be a model of color in the runway without the right skin tone…no one should feel ‘other than’ because of race or age.” At a panel discussion, artists explored the obvious fact that artists should be able to work on all skin tones and shared favorite products. According to a Black|Up spokesperson, the brand’s points of difference include its wide range of undertones from yellow to orange to red, plus the fact it stays stable on oily skin and is matt, not sheer or shimmery.
Black Up Cosmetics

2. Canada’s cruelty-free FACEatelier showed off Erase Ultra Camouflage duet, a concealer that is based on color theory. It includes a mango red shade that erases dark purple and blue under-eye circles and bruises. Next, the pure white is gently applied so the color can be custom-adjusted to become neutral. Follow with powder to set it if you want, then pat on skin-tone matching foundation. President and CEO Debbie Bondar also told us that “the round face is back; artists are tired of over-contouring.” (In other words, Kardashian-makeup fatigue is having its effect.)

3. At Static Nail, the first “reusable manicure” comes from pop-on nails you can repaint, reshape and reapply. The latest offerings were the “Galaxy” and “Black Tie” designs, already seen on the red carpet at this year’s Emmy awards. (All designs are limited editions.) The reusable nails require no acetone to remove; just pop them off and re-appy. If they don’t pop-off with ease when you apply pressure to the sides, just wait another day. You can wear them for about two weeks or remove and re-apply them up to 6 times within an 18-day period—just in case the aren’t office-right. According to the company, nails techs using them have increased profits by one-third.
Static Nails


4. Deep Sea Cosmetics. “Divine” –or is it? This Skin Tightening Instant Face Lift works for under-eye puffiness, if you can master the application without getting white power lines. (It’s much like Instantly Ageless, but I found it blended better.) However, the same product is found on sites like Amazon, with a different name: “Adore.” The ingredients don’t seem to be the same. And no one seems to pay the $800 online price at the parent website. Similar products are being sold out of pop-up shops and Kiosks, and you’re always offered deal after deal. A lower price and this one free, etc. etc. And, there are numerous online complaints about how products like these are sold. If it works for you, comparison shop for prices and ingredients. It’s unlikely you’ll have to pay over $100.

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