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Home Color Vs Salon Color

There’s lots happening in home versus salon haircolor that you may not have heard about. Here’s the lowdown–research thanks to Don Francis.


Venture capital firms are investing millions in technology companies that help consumers order color online. They assume everything will be done via mobiles or tablets, and are creating systems to upload selfies, get a haircolor recommendation, order online and download how-to videos and instructions.
Some salons are selling home color. One has colorists consult, create a custom formulation and provide instructions. Consumers can order online, based on a retouch schedule.
1 in 5 of those with incomes of $100,000 or over used home color in the past year.

What can you do?

Create 3-D techniques…have something newer than Ombre, explain that home color is created to work with several natural shades and all will have different results, use a professional brand client’s can’t get in a store, and accommodate re-touch schedules. For those short on cash, present a trendy “rooted” look, stagger the start-and-stop points of highlights or keep the client close to natural. Don’t forget to talk about brass–a common side effect of home color.

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